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trademark registration/copyright


In the connected world in which businesses operate today, intellectual property, which includes trademarks (also known as trade names) and copyrights (creative works) must be protected by registration.  Trademarks are names or logos or designs you use to identify your business in trade and commerce.  You must protect these names and logos as they belong to you or your company. By registering the names or logos, you can prevent other companies, corporations or individuals from using or taking said names and logos for their own use - which is in effect theft of intellectual property.  Our registration fees vary according to the jurisdiction in which the registration is made.


Before you apply to register your trademark in the US or the UK, you must conduct a trademark search to make sure no other party has registered the same or similar marks or names.  Our fee to conduct such a search in the US or the UK or the EU is $75 per word or mark searched per jurisdiction.  Please be advised that name availability is never confirmed until the trademark is actually filed.  However, the search does give you a great idea as to whether the name or mark is available.


After the search is completed, then we can proceed with the application.  the fees according to jurisdiction are as follows:

UNITED STATES - $100 plus the applicable filing fees.

UNITED KINGDOM - $700 including all filing fees.

EUROPEAN UNION - $300 plus 900 EURO the EU filing fee.


Copyrights are applied to creative works such as books, paintings, other works of art and designs.

We can file a copyright application in the United States for a fee of $150 plus the applicable filing fees.  Copyrights are no longer registered in the UK or the EU.