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registered agent/mail services

All limited liability entities in New York may have a registered agent in New York.  This address is an office address where legal service of any documents upon the entity can be made.  For example if someone is trying to collect any alleged debt, bring a lawsuit or serve a complaint, they can serve the registered agent.  Our firm highly recommends that you designate our firm, your business lawyers, as your company registered agent as we have the experience to deal with these legal matters on your behalf and your privacy is protected as your personal or business address is not generally disclosed on the state corporate data base.  Our fee is assessed on an annual basis and includes forwarding all documents we receive to you.

Our fee for one year of the registered agent service is $50 if you order at the time of incorporation.  If  you would like to change your registered agent for an existing corporation, the fee is $125 as New York State must be advised and filing fees paid.

If you would like to an address for all purposes, including as the registered agent, then you should add our general mail services.  For an additional $180 ($15 PER MONTH) per year, we will accept all of your post and hold it for your collection or forward it to you.