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.As a local New York business firm, we try and assist our clients with payment as much as possible. Generally, with our corporate formation services, we must have payment in full before we can proceed with a filing. However, since you will speak with a lawyer before the order is complete, you can discuss payment options with the lawyer. We generally accept payments as follows (of course we accept cash):

1.     Direct deposit to our firm bank account (we supply the banking details upon request).  Upon confirmation, we will contact you for the corporate details.

2.    Bank transfer (we supply the banking details upon request).  Upon confirmation of receipt of funds we will contact you to complete the corporate formation.

3.    Money orders are accepted.  Personal checks are not.

4.    Credit or debit cards are accepted. You provide your card details to the attorney and he processes the charge after speaking with you.

5. You can provide your email and Paypal will send the invoice for payment. Please contact us if you have any questions!  

Thanks again for your interest in our services.

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