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1.     Within 120 days after the limited partnership is filed, the new limited partnership must publish a copy of the certificate of registration or a notice in two newspapers designated by the county clerk in the county where the principal office of the limited liability partnership is located for six successive weeks.  The newspaper or printer will provide an affidavit to be filed with the Division of Corporations along with a fee of $50.
​ 2.    Under Section 121-110 of Article 8 of the Revised Partnership Act, a limited partnership must have a written partnership agreement.  This agreement is essential as it states how profits will be distributed as well as the rights, duties and obligations of each partner.  Importantly, it protects the ideas and intellectual property rights developed by the limited partnership.  Our fee to prepare a custom agreement is $99.95.  The fee includes reasonable modifications to meet your requirements by our firm. 


A New York Limited Partnership is formed when a certificate of registration is filed with the Division of Corporations as per Article 8A, Section 121-110 of the Revised Limited Partnership Act.  Such an entity must have at least two owners, one of whom must be the general partner who is personally responsible for the debts of the limited partnership, and one or more limited partners, who have limited liability as would shareholders of a New York corporation.  Our fee to file a New York Limited Partnership is $300 with our regular services, which includes the $200 filing fee.